Different by design

Get everything you want—easier student recruiting, more collaborative staff, a competitive edge—with a Kurani space. Here are Kurani spaces made with innovators like you:

Riverbend School

Typical schools measure student success based on grades and test scores. But on the outskirts of Chennai, India, in a rural area studded with leafy palm trees, a new measure of success is taking shape.

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Khan Lab School

What would a school look like if every teacher and student had the chance to create the future of education? It might look a bit like Khan Lab School.

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You helped us build schools that are closely aligned with the communities in which they exist.

school district leader

Thanks to you, we have people writing to us from all over the world interested in our school.

school founder

You provided us essential data about the needs of our students and community. Game changer!

high school founder

Code Next

Nestled in a multi-cultural Oakland neighborhood, next to shops and businesses, is an education center that may hold the key to the future of STEM education.

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Connected Rural Classroom

All around the world, there’s an opportunity gap between two kinds of students, and it has nothing to do with gender, ethnicity, or income level. This gap is between urban students and rural students.

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