Khan Lab School

Khan Lab School is a non-profit in Mountain View, California started by Sal Khan, founder of online learning platform Khan Academy. It’s a testing ground for new learning designs and practices. Teachers here take an open-source approach to education and share their findings with the broader education community.

How the design works
This campus may be the first of its kind — a hybrid mix of school and laboratory. It’s a place where education and experimentation happen simultaneously. Classrooms are each uniquely designed zones to support different modes of working and learning. The diverse environments encourage faculty to test different learning experiences. 

Large interior windows allow everyone to see the educational experiments live. The breakout rooms, commons, and cafe give people places to convene and discuss. And just like a lab where scientists are expected to share the results of their testing, the school is equipped with displays for student and faculty work. Nearly everything is mobile and adaptable. The campus is designed with change, evolution, and experimentation in mind.

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