Kurani is an architecture studio committed to redefining learning spaces. We bring bold educational programs to life through campus planning and architecture. Kurani has created spaces for K-12, university, and adult education. 

Why Kurani makes (the most) sense

Deliberating on which Architect will be the best fit for your vision? Kurani is trusted globally by the world’s top educators. Here are the reasons why.

We don’t assume that all schools are the same and tell you what yours should look like. We listen. We study your curriculum, people, operations. We challenge you to think beyond the norm. We give you the opportunity to co-create and design alongside us.

Many firms claim they can design schools. But how much do they know about 21st century education? We’re specialists – a boutique firm that knows how to engage educators. Want to talk through pedagogy, learning models, individual learning plans, and edtech? Not only do we understand it all, we can show you what it means for your school campus.

Kurani Network
Working with us means you join the Kurani Network. As a member, you get access to an elite group of educators including Khan Academy, Google, and many more to share best practices in education and learn from one another’s experiences.