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About our work

This investment is worth it. When I thought about teaching, the model that I had in my head was always me up front and kids listening. This lab and the design has completely flipped that for me.

Student Experience Manager

It has definitely brought a lot of joy to our kids.

Columbine Elementary School

You step in and you feel like ‘oh this is a workspace, this is where you do engineering’. You really get that engineering feeling going through your body. It really helped me understand what I want to pursue in the future.

Google Code Next

I’m surprised we don’t have more schools that have spaces like this.

Denver Public Schools

This space allows for a little bit more of controlled chaos. So, it’s terrifying, but it’s also really exciting because you’re letting an 8, 9, and 10-year old be completely in charge of what they’re doing and it’s really cool to see what they want to do with that knowledge and that independence. They’re doing some really amazing stuff in here.  

Columbine Elementary School

Working with Kurani has provided us with essential data about our students, the community, and their needs. Their process has given us hope that our instructional and learning model can be and will be supported within a new physical reality. They hosted pop-up experiences to help us understand the space implications of our instructional prototypes. This is truly a game changer.

Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice

When all the kids walked in for the first time, their eyes lit up.

Instructional Coach

Kurani has deeply connected place with practice and helped us build schools that are closely aligned with the communities in which they exist.

School Design Fellow
New York City Department of Education