Kurani creates learning spaces for progressive educators

If your job is to run a bold educational program, we’re a great fit.
We’ve been contracted by forward-thinking schools and organizations to design learning spaces.

We get results

Riverbend School

Riverbend School

School in India designed to shift focus onto mental health and wellness
Khan Lab School

Khan Lab School

Tinkering with the status quo in Education to find better ways to teach and learn
Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code

Combating social inequity by giving Black girls access to STEM education
Code Next Lab

Code Next Lab

Empowering Black and Latino kids with a place to learn computer science

We help disrupters change education

Kurani were the architectural experts who helped us understand the process of designing and building a space to fit our needs.

Rajan PatelCEO, Dent Education

Rajan Patel
CEO, Dent Education

You’ll never think of space the same again! They helped our district think about how space design can close the achievement gap and dismantle antiquated ways of thinking about learning.

Makisha BootheDirector, Denver Public Schools

Makisha Boothe
Director, Denver Public Schools

They gave us so much more than dazzling renderings. We got explanations for why design decisions were made and how this helps us achieve our bottom line. It’s worth every penny!

Errol KingExperience Manager, Google

Errol King
Experience Manager, Google

Ready to change education?

Why innovators choose Kurani

“world changing ideas”

“have empowered individuals”

“tackle almost every social issue”

How it started

Danish Kurani is an architect and designer who’s dreamt of designing a better world since he was a kid. At 13, he was sketching plans for recreation centers for children in Pakistan. Today, he’s the Founder of Kurani, a global architecture firm that designs life-changing spaces for education.

For every space he designs, from science labs in at-risk communities to rehabilitation centers for incarcerated men, Danish infuses his unique design philosophy, which he’s been cultivating over the past 15 years. 

Danish has taught at Harvard and Stanford, worked with Google and Khan Academy, and advised Fortune 100 companies and governments that spend hundreds of millions on design and construction each year.

In 2021, Fast Company voted Kurani one of the most innovative architects in the world. His work is just beginning.