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Howard West

A satellite HBCU campus at Google to connect Black engineering students with opportunities in Tech

Addressing a lack of diversity in Tech

Silicon Valley’s leading technology companies have long been stumped over how to diversify. Despite efforts to recruit and retain Black and Latino engineers, the numbers haven’t budged. To address this, Kurani partnered with Google and Howard University to launch a satellite HBCU campus at Google headquarters. The campus connects students from historically black colleges and universities to the Tech ecosystem.

Causes education, social justice
Partners Google, Howard University
Status built
Location Mountain View, USA
Press Business Insider, Atlanta Journal Constitution, ColorLines

The Howard West campus allows minority students majoring in computer science to travel to Mountain View, California and take a semester or two of classes taught by Google’s engineers. Students gain real-world experience by working alongside professionals on company projects.

To the first class of Howard West students – can’t wait to see what you will build!

Sundar Pichai CEO, Google

Sundar Pichai
CEO, Google

The campus is designed to expose students to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and build their confidence in computer science through applied learning. With this in mind, Howard West was inserted into a fully-staffed building at the Googleplex, so students could interact with professionals and experience daily life at a tech company.

To give students places to socialize and still feel like they’re in school, we designed a collegiate-style Student Center. Students head here during breaks and join professors for games of soccer and ping pong on the grassy quad. Some tuck into the library to catch up on readings, while others unwind in the media room with their favorite tv shows.

The intentionally designed spaces for socializing give students a place to build relationships with professors, bond with engineers, and develop a support network in the tech world.

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