Design Consulting

Get unlimited expert guidance so you can build the learning space you’ve always wanted.

“I wasn’t expecting to learn so much!”

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If you want spaces that meet the needs of staff and students, you need a designer who understands education.

That’s where we come in. With Design Consulting you receive as much coaching and support as you need. We guide you every step of the way, from concept to construction.

Get valuable advice

At the Baylor School, Kurani helped leadership rethink classroom design to support a new curriculum of design-thinking.

At Wodonga Middle Years College, Kurani persuaded leadership to repurpose local spaces instead of razing and rebuilding, saving millions of dollars.

At Denver Public Schools, Kurani coached school founders on planning and designing six K-5 schools to make them more suited for personalized learning.

Undeniable improvement

They helped us envision how the built environment can be an integral part of culturally relevant, student-centered school design.

Natalie Ferrell
NYC Department of Education

I love how they maximized our space to get the most flexibility, openness, and utility out of our limited amount of space. Kurani is extremely intentional, and I have no doubt you’ll love the space that’s created with them!

Micky Wolf
Dent Education

Danish pushed our thinking on urban education. Working with him to conceptualize our new campus gave us a clear picture of how to achieve our goal of increased community involvement and interdisciplinary learning.

Russell Polson
Wodonga Middle Years College

Meet your coach

You’ll have direct access through text, call, and email to Kurani’s founder and lead designer, Danish Kurani.

Over the past 12 years, Danish has:

  • advised Fortune 100 companies with $100M+ construction budgets
  • managed projects for Google, Khan Academy, NYC Department of Education
  • designed 40+ world-class learning spaces
  • taught upcoming designers at Harvard and Stanford

What you get

Design Consulting is an open-ended, monthly service that gives you access to Kurani’s expertise in education design.

Our proven process will get you to make smarter decisions that take your project from good to exceptional.

Advice on key decisions

Tap Danish’s design wisdom to resolve a dilemma, make your next move, and explore new ways to design your space.

“Amazing communication all the way through. I love how Kurani supported our needs/requests.”

Jessie Simerlein, Google Real Estate

Feedback on designs

Send Danish your architectural drawings and get detailed red-line notes on how well your design is serving the goals of your space.

“They helped us envision how the built environment can be an integral part of culturally relevant, student-centered school design.”

Natalie Ferrell, NYC Department of Education

Critical input in meetings

Danish will be with you in all milestone meetings, from preliminary calls to final presentations, to ask the right questions and get your architects aligned with your education goals.

“We learned to start with who was in the space, and then completely scrap whatever you think a classroom should look like and build around people instead.”

Makisha Boothe, Denver Public Schools

Project templates

Leverage Kurani’s past designs to guide how your technology, lighting, furniture, and decor should be designed.

“I remember learning so much from your creative process as we continue to enjoy the space you helped us create.”

Mikki McMillion, Khan Lab School

Design Consulting

Get expert coaching and advice on all aspects of your design project.

. Unlimited access to Kurani’s chief designer

. Tailored feedback on all architectural drawings

. Ongoing support in every milestone meeting

. Templates from Kurani’s top projects

“Should have added you to our project earlier!”