Google Code Next Lab

What is the Code Next Lab
At Code Next Lab, 8-12th graders from Oakland take hands-on courses in math, science, and technology taught by Google engineers.

How the design works
Kurani guided the educators and students to co-design the lab. The design supports 5 key goals: connect kids to resources by building a place-based program in their neighborhood; assure students they belong in Tech by highlighting inventors and scientists of color; increase the appeal of computer science professions by showing kids how it contributes to their daily lives; build student confidence and risk-taking by giving them places to showcase iterative work and invention attempts; get students in a maker mindset by exposing the beams, pipes, ducts, and screws used to build this lab. 

Impact on learning
97% of students feel the lab provides a better space for hands-on learning versus their classrooms at school. 2 out of 3 students say the space makes them feel like they can change the world. 80% of students say the lab space has given them confidence to pursue a career in Computer Science & Tech.

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