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Kurani creates learning spaces for ambitious leaders

If your job is to run a bold education program, we’re a great fit. We’ve helped dozens of forward-thinking schools and organizations just like you.

You’ll get results

The school design received so much press that the founders filled up all their student spots before starting construction.

Riverbend School →

After we designed it, national media started calling it the “ultimate school for kids.” It’s become a top choice for parents who work at NASA.

Khan Lab School →

Schools in rural Alabama can now close the opportunity gap by giving students the same quality of education as their peers from bigger cities.

Connected Rural Classroom →

You feel supported

Kurani were the experts who helped us understand the process of designing and building a space to fit our needs.

Rajan Patel
Dent Education, CEO

You’ll never think of space the same again! They helped our district close the achievement gap and dismantle antiquated ways of thinking about education with design.

Makisha Boothe
Denver Public Schools, Director

They gave us so much more than dazzling renderings. We got explanations for why design decisions were made and how this helps us achieve our vision. They’re worth every penny!

Errol King
Google, Education Manager

Everything you need is handled

Skip the pain of hiring all the different teams it takes to create your project. Kurani does it all for you. Here’s why it makes a big difference.


Designing your perfect space starts with an in-depth look at what you need, based on your model, pedagogy, and community.

“Kurani facilitated clear workshops that prompted our team to think critically about the needs of our space.”

Hailey Jordan, Dent Education


Your needs transform into a vision for the space: how it’s organized, how it feels, and how it impacts people.

“From ceiling heights, to the direction of the sun, to sound padding on walls, to the type of materials used, to different furniture, they really helped us understand the best design choices for our space.”

Rajan Patel, Dent Education

Interior Design

We make your space make sense. Every item is in its place, creating a perfect flow from the moment you walk in.

“My favorite thing about our space is the movable walls. The ability to turn larger rooms into smaller rooms and vice versa is a game changer.”

Mary Jo Madda, Code Next

Lighting, Sound, Graphics

Smart lighting keeps students calm and focused. Wall graphics inspire and guide them. And acoustic materials keep your space as peaceful or lively as you want it.

“I love how psychology was incorporated into the design. The attention to detail was top-notch.”

Shameeka Emanuel, Google


Each piece of furniture, technology, and equipment is hand-picked and procured by us, according to your needs.

“We now have an exciting design that appeals immediately to children and parents alike—a campus that is aesthetically striking and works beautifully for all constituents including teachers, management, and students.”

Vivek Reddy, Riverbend School


Your investment is protected until it reaches the finish line. We oversee the final build, so you can focus on planning the grand opening.

“Kurani has a tremendous amount of knowledge in construction work and this became invaluable when working with the general contractor and subcontractors.”

Kate Dao, Acton Academy

Working with Kurani has its perks
Kurani Ordinary Brand
Your stakeholders are actively engaged and co-create the design
Each space is designed intentionally for your pedagogy and model
Aesthetics and furniture are chosen based on research on learning outcomes
An app to track your project, so you always know how it’s progressing
Your project is managed from start through construction
Fast Company calls Kurani one of the world’s 10 most innovative architects

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