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Women’s Accelerator

Entrepreneurship training and mentoring center for developing female founders

Entrepreneurship training and mentoring center for developing female founders

Houston, Texas, USA

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Empowering female entrepreneurs

Startups founded by women perform better over time, yet women are consistently under-resourced.1 Female entrepreneurs have cited a lack of mentors and support system as their key challenges.2 This project will give women an equitable amount of support and the right resources to grow sustainable companies by building a dedicated Women’s Accelerator hub in Houston, Texas.

Space and support

The Women’s Accelerator will give women a place to work, take classes, hone skills, pitch funders and meet clients, share experiences, and build a network with other female founders.

For women, by women

The accelerator’s interior was dreamed up by designer and artist, Lauren Bordes and Kurani founder, Danish Kurani. Once funded, the accelerator will be built by Loopston. Founded by Tina Ho, Loopston is a woman-owned and operated construction company with a unique focus on hiring and training women.

Lauren Bordes
Lauren Bordes

Designer, artist, Rhode Island School of Design professor

Tina Ho
Tina Ho

General Contractor, startup advisor, real estate developer

Proven design

The interior design is inspired by the environments at Google and the Centre for Social Innovation. There’s 4,000 square feet of co-working space, indoor gardens, meeting rooms, a classroom, and coffee bar. Female founders will have the dedicated space and tools they need to be successful.

How funding is used

We strive for radical transparency. Here’s how your contribution, which is tax deductible, will support the creation of the Women’s Accelerator.

Technology Integration36,500
$ 825,000

A women’s accelerator would diversify the business landscape of our city.

local entrepreneur, Danielle Fanfair

Want to give?

Once you fund a project, Kurani handles the rest. We oversee construction, coordinate a ribbon cutting ceremony, and prepare a press kit and impact report for you.