Social Emotional Learning New York

Social Emotional Learning New York (SELNY) is a psychotherapy clinic and adult learning center in midtown Manhattan. SELNY enhances intimate and professional relationships through adventures, experiential learning events, and personal and group therapy sessions. The clinic’s inclusive design reflects and attends to the needs of people of color and the LGBTQ community. SELNY also hosts team building events and corporate wellness activities for employers invested in enhancing cooperation and cohesion between their team members. By involving patients in the design process, we learned that a familial feel is critical for therapy. So, we disguised this clinic as a home. As a result, the physical environment fosters a sense of safety and comfort for patients. This comfort allows for the trust and dialogue needed for effective therapy and betterment.

Workshop and Conference space disguised as the home’s media room. Includes sliding partitions, stadium seating, writeable wall, and a rolling dry erase table.

Each doctor’s office resembles a family Den. During therapy sessions, patients feel as if they’re visiting a friend. Everything is in disguise – even the artwork has a didactic purpose and is used as a teaching tool.

Office Reception is designed as a Great Room, combining hospitality features from a kitchen and living room. Guests can kick off their shoes and comfortably await their session.

The home’s reflection space, here as private pods, allows patients to have a moment of peace and introspection before heading back onto the busy streets of midtown Manhattan. Curated music and landscape imagery allow patients to clear their minds and internalize the lessons from a therapy session.

SELNY under construction

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