Riverbend School

What is the Riverbend School
This weekday boarding school in India is dedicated to raising children who contribute positively to the world. To equip students with a positive outlook, a typical school day focuses on developing all aspects of a child – intellectual, physical, artistic, social, environmental. According to the school’s founders, great lives and great achievements are built on personal happiness and emotional intelligence – both of which are overlooked in traditional education.

How the design works
When a school flips the education model to prioritize happiness and positivity, the campus model has to change with it. But how can architecture foster happiness? The world’s longest study on happiness says real happiness comes from our relationships. Personal relationships, anthropologists have found, are strongest in villages. So, to help students build the relationships that are key to happiness, we designed the campus like a village. The school centers around a public plaza and has spaces for studying, playing, reflecting, living, and farming. Every aspect – intimate walkways, outdoor pavilions, traditional courtyard housing – encourages socializing. Construction of the 300-student campus will begin in 2019.

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