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An alternative to prison that provides rehabilitation, job training, and second chances

A much needed alternative to prison

The punitive approach to “justice” espoused in the US must change. Prisons are designed for profit and the enslavement of people — not to help anyone improve. Humans rot away in prison. If we want people to have any chance at reintegrating into society, they need nurturing. Reset offers an alternative to prison. Instead of being imprisoned, young men between the ages of 18-24 spend 3-years at Reset in northern California receiving education, rehabilitation, therapy, and job training. It’s about rebuilding their lives, not writing them off.

Causes poverty, social justice, wellness
Partner Reset Foundation
Status built
Location Berkeley, USA

To create the campus, we converted an abandoned warehouse. The space is — by design — a stark contrast to prison. The campus makes men feel like cared-for students rather than forgotten bodies in prison. Every morning starts with community circles and restorative practices.

During the day, they take classes on a variety of subjects leading to the completion of their high school diploma. Custom-designed furnishings allow flexibility for concurrent classes in an open-air format, roundtable discussions, and technical trainings.

The different learning environments enable men to become true students and learn critical thinking, creativity, research skills, and even how to teach others.

A number of spaces around campus enable staff to provide therapy addressing the social and emotional needs of each individual.

Unlike prison, the campus is designed to show you that you’re valued and seen. There’s space and freedom to work alone, pursue passions, and just hang out and build friendships. So the men feel a sense of agency in their space, they’re given full purview over all of the wall decor and gardens.

To further increase the chances that men reset their lives, they receive internship experiences and training for high-demand jobs. Reset’s campus also offers a place for them to meet prospective employers for job interviews.

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