Reset Foundation

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What is the Reset Foundation
The Reset campus is a place where young men, entangled in the justice system, can come to get a second chance. The three-year program provides men with a high school education, skills training, internship and job opportunities, social-emotional guidance, therapy, and relationships with caring adults and mentors. 

How does the design work
We’ve transformed an old warehouse in Berkeley, California into this academic campus that’s home to the Reset student cohort and national staff. As an alternative to prison, the campus places great emphasis on rehabilitation rather than punishment. There are rearrangeable spaces for learning, a library and lounge for quiet or social moments, shared working spaces between staff and students, a therapy room and moveable meeting pods for one-on-one mentoring, and even a central garden for reflection. The campus is a balance of comfortable and professional, giving the men chances to learn and grow. As students, the men even have opportunities to personalize the environment by hanging their favorite artwork and adapting their space.

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