Harvard Radcliffe Quad

Our proposed installation on the Harvard University campus narrates a historical journey through the many cooperative ventures between the Radcliffe Institute and the university’s various schools. An inspiring array of contributions and innovations are illustrated. Among them are the establishment of a US library on women’s history and the development of the Case Study method.

Four overlapping clear graphic panels illustrate connections between Radcliffe and Harvard. By following the etched stories, visitors discover how different departments and disciplines have come together to achieve remarkable outcomes. The display is awe-inspiring. As students, researchers, and faculty learn about this legacy, they develop excitement about the possibilities for today. Art becomes both a reflection and a catalyst.

As the Radcliffe Institute enters the 21st century, this historical journey via art provides a prominent medium for engaging the entire university and public. This once empty common space has become a launch pad for new discussions and future collaborations.