Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice

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The design process gave us hope that our learning model will be supported in a new physical reality.  –New York City Schools

Located in the active Bed-Stuy neighborhood and named in the honor of Nelson Mandela, this New York City high school expects to cultivate the next generation of change agents. By studying the neighborhood and mapping assets, we’ve helped the school founders understand local needs and establish a network of relevant learning partners for students. Our design workshops with teachers, students, and nearby residents have provided the basis for critical space planning and design decisions.

The Mandela School delicately nestles within the historic Boys & Girls High School campus, sharing the site with two other secondary schools. The newly designed learning environment actively promotes the spirit and mission of Mandela. A variety of spaces for dialogue and collaboration, external cooperation, and presentation, allow students and teachers to come together to develop empathy, awareness, and solutions for local challenges.

Copyright Danish KuraniCopyright Danish KuraniCopyright Danish Kurani