Literacy Lounge

America’s first smart library with sensor technology that helps underserved kids

America’s first smart library with sensor technology that helps underserved kids

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Brooklyn, New York, USA


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Supports kids like Maria

Maria is a first-generation immigrant in New York. English is her second language and neither of her parents are fluent. Maria’s future depends on her ability to excel in school. New York is full of children like Maria. This makes literacy an important and growing challenge. The Literacy Lounge is a dedicated space designed to help students like Maria who need extra help learning to read, write, and analyze information.

In the heart of Brooklyn

Literacy Lounge will be built on the campus of a local school, the Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration. Every day, hundreds of students walk through their doors looking for more opportunity. Being located here allows the new learning center to serve the local Black, Latin, and South Asian community.

Ready-to-build design

We’ve worked with the school staff and students from the neighborhood to design a space that meets their needs. Literacy Lounge has groundbreaking technology and tools to support students. Once you fund, we can start building this 900 square foot learning center at the school.


Equipped with game-changing technology

The space will have revolutionary sensor technology that collects real-time data as kids speak and interact. Algorithms process this and give teachers data on student vocabulary, confidence, and interests — insights they can use to personalize support for kids.

Designed by passionate experts, with students

Mutale Nkonde
Mutale Nkonde

Race and AI policy analyst at Harvard

Danish Kurani
Danish Kurani

Architect, educator, Kurani founder

Brooklyn students
Brooklyn students

of diverse abilities, ages, backgrounds

Stimulates local economic development

To give more opportunity to minority-owned businesses in the community, a general contractor from the local area will build the Literacy Lounge.

How funding is used

We strive for radical transparency. Here’s how your contribution, which is tax deductible, will support the creation of Literacy Lounge.

Technology Integration26,700
$ 175,000

Having this space will make a world of difference for students.

School Principal, Joan Mosely

Want to give?

Once you fund a project, Kurani handles the rest. We oversee construction, coordinate a ribbon cutting ceremony, and prepare a press kit and impact report for you.