Working with Kurani has provided us with essential data about our students, the community, and their needs. But more than that, their process has given us hope that our instructional and learning model can be and will be supported within a new physical reality. Before designing, they hosted pop-up experiences to help us understand the space implications of our instructional prototypes. This is truly a game changer.

Tabari Bomani
Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice

Danish has been an essential partner in our work designing EPIC High Schools. By being there every step of the way with us, he has deeply connected place with practice and helped us build schools that are closely aligned with the communities in which they exist.

David Weinberg
NYC Expanded Success Initiative

Kurani has been a great partner in our school design work. They have shared our vision of user-centered design around schools, completing in-depth ethnographies for our school sites and designing workshops that have helped us increase buy-in from community members. They have helped us to envision how the built environment can be an integral part of culturally relevant, student-centered school design.

Natalie Ferrell
NYC Department of Education

Kurani helped crystallize concepts. For example, we designed experiences to make the boundaries of learning more porous – students should have workplace learning experiences and present their learning directly on college campuses. In our final design with Kurani we wound up with an incubator space for workplace learning partners embedded in the school itself. This was a great design innovation that made our concept easier to realize logistically.

John Clemente
EPIC Schools