Black Girls Code
Black Girls Code
Combating social inequity by giving Black girls access to STEM education
Riverbend School
School in India designed to shift focus onto mental health and wellness
Code Next Lab
Empowering Black and Latino kids with a place to learn computer science
Khan Lab School
Tinkering with the status quo in Education to find better ways to teach and learn
An alternative to prison that provides rehabilitation, job training, and second chances
Acton Academy East Bay
Showing how old buildings can be adapted and used for modern school campuses
Howard West
A satellite HBCU campus at Google to connect Black engineering students with opportunities in Tech
Ambur Housing
Strategies for developing low cost housing for urban poor in India
Imaginarium Classrooms
Prototype classroom that lets teachers personalize learning for primary school students
Heal NYC
An anti-clinic providing mental health and therapy services for LGBTQ and minority communities

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