Howard West

What is the Howard West campus
The Howard West campus supports a collaborative pilot program between Google and Howard University to address the lack of black engineers in the tech community. Computer science students from Howard have the opportunity to take classes at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View and work alongside engineers on active projects.

How the design works
This campus is designed to support students in two ways: expose them to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and build their confidence in computer science through applied learning. With this in mind, Howard West was inserted into a fully-staffed building at the Googleplex, so students could interact with professionals and experience daily life at Google. Here, students take classes in CS, receive one-on-one coaching, and apply their skills to projects. The campus also has a collegiate-style Student Center. Students take breaks between classes and join professors for a game of soccer or ping pong on the grassy quad. Some tuck into the library to catch up on readings, while others unwind in the media room with their favorite tv shows. In making space for socializing, this becomes a place where students can build relationships with professors, bond with professional engineers, and develop their support network in the tech world.

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