High Tech Collaboratory

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During a recent city-wide campaign to personalize learning, Denver Public Schools asked us to develop a prototype classroom that could support 21st century learning. With the help of teachers and students at High Tech Elementary, Kurani re-designed a generic square classroom to demonstrate how schools with limited resources can create empowering environments.

The new space at High Tech Elementary is designed to support the collaborative moments in the school’s project-based curriculum.  The reconfigurable furniture, interactive learning tools, and even branding (teachers named the room “The Collaboratory”) all encourage students to collaborate and learn from their peers.

Classroom features include:

  • 5 unique learning spaces, each supporting different learning and teaching styles
  • Ability to reconfigure layout for fluid group sizes, from individual work up to group of 30 students
  • Multimedia panels for interactive collaboration, engagement, and learning
  • Skype setup to connect students with experts from around the world
  • Messy zone for students who want to learn by making and doing
  • Locally fabricated furniture and learning tools

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