Design your own

Create a custom space for your program

Have a mission or project in mind? We can also design custom architecture that serves a specific need or group of people. We’ve designed spaces for leading organizations, including Google and Khan Academy.

The design Kurani created is a perfect learning space for our girls.

Kimberly Bryant
CEO, Black Girls Code

When we need a space for impacting lives, Kurani is our architect.

Errol King
Global Head, Google

Kurani created an amazing co-learning space for our unique learning design.

Dominic Liechti
President, Khan Lab School

Case Studies

Black Girls Code

Combating social inequity by giving Black girls access to STEM education

Riverbend School

School in India designed to shift focus onto mental health and wellness

Code Next Lab

Empowering Black and Latino kids with a place to learn computer science

Khan Lab School

Tinkering with the status quo in Education to find better ways to teach and learn

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