Brazil Schools for 2030

Copyright Danish Kurani

Brazil’s new extended school day has generated a pressing need for more educational facilities. As a result, the State of Rio needs to build 900 new schools by the year 2030 — that’s 50 new schools each year! The Ministry of Education seeks to integrate public schools into the many slum neighborhoods that currently lack such municipal services.

Our team conducted extensive research, mapping, and field studies to identify potential sites for 6 new schools in the neighborhood of Complexo do Alemao. Critical factors during site selection were geography, economics, growth patterns, social structures, land use, and needs. Input from local residents and community members was critical during this process. After locating strategic development sites, we collaborated with educators from the Ministry and began forming concepts to guide the design of new facilities.

Campus designs were based on the following principals:

1. School as a symbolic icon for the community
2. Encourage interaction between disciplines and age groups
3. Contribute to community and engage parents
4. Harness local ecological conditions

The new school concept can simultaneously serve children ages 6-14 and adults from the community. The facility is complete with innovation labs, a nature trail, and even a health clinic. As a result, this under-served community will have a place to gather, learn, and grow together.

Copyright Danish Kurani