Black Girls CODE Lab

What is the Black Girls CODE Lab
Black Girls CODE, the non-profit with a cult-like following for its mission to teach computer science to girls, partnered with Kurani to revamp its New York offices into a tech exploration lab for girls. The space is home for staff, student workshops, hack-a-thons, tech panels, and parent-daughter events. Now, girls in New York have a lab of their own where they can channel their inner Shuri — Black Panther’s inventive-genius sister.

How the design works
We designed the lab to demystify how technology works. Kids see what’s inside a smartphone, how a circuit board use copper, the similarities between cameras and computers. The design takes us back to breaking things open and exploring how they’re made. When you remove the mysterious shell, the girls can see that tech is just parts and pieces, hardware and software they can tinker with and design themselves. Visitors to the lab and girls attending workshops will be able to play with an assortment of gadgets curated and cracked-open by the staff. The lab has an interactive game challenging kids to match popular products like VR headsets and a Playstation with their lesser-known hardware insides. Even the ceiling is special, demonstrating how a motherboard works with its copper circuits.

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