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Black Arts Center

Arts center empowering Black kids to speak up and use art as a lever for change

Arts center empowering Black kids to speak up and use art as a lever for change

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

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Birthplace for the next great Black artists

For Black kids growing up in Minnesota, it’s easy to feel like you don’t exist. School curriculums omit the history of African American communities. Civic programs overlook Black families. The Black Arts Center (BAC) will change that by empowering Black boys and girls to speak up and use art as the medium for creating positive change in their communities.

Inclusive programs for African Americans

The BAC will be managed by Anew BAM, a black-run nonprofit serving kids in St. Paul and Minneapolis. The center will be dedicated to advancing the academic success of youth and families through culturally responsive arts education, social-emotional learning, and African American history and culture.

Designed to inspire and elevate Black youth

The Black Arts Center has art and recording studios, modern classrooms, mentoring pods, galleries, and community gathering space — all designed to inspire and elevate Black kids.

Culturally-relevant environment

The architectural design is based on years of research and experience designing culturally-relevant spaces for people of color. We’ve previously designed spaces for HBCUs, Black Girls Code, and New York City Schools.

Stimulates local economic development

To give more opportunity to minority-owned businesses in the community, a general contractor from the local area will build the Black Arts Center.

How funding is used

We strive for radical transparency. Here’s how your contribution, which is tax deductible, will support the creation of the Black Arts Center.

Technology Integration52,800
$ 1,500,000

“We’re on the front lines and know what our community needs. This will be the first space in St. Paul dedicated to Black kids.”

Executive Director, Kevin Robinson

Want to give?

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