Baylor Academic Center

What is the Baylor Academic Center
As a top-tier K-12 institution, the Baylor School lamented having classrooms that teachers described as “dungeons”. The rooms were cramped and dark. Filled with uncomfortable desks. Built for lecturing. The school had a brighter future in mind, centered around a new Academic Center. The three-story building would replace a century-old structure and breathe new life into the school with custom classrooms, student commons, outdoor patios, and event space.  

How does the design work
On the outside, the Academic Center blends into the surrounding historic campus. Inside, however, students and teachers get a taste of 21st century learning. A bright atrium greets you. Students hang out on terraced seating and study at the cafe overlooking the river. Each floor has a learning neighborhood: classrooms, faculty office, and breakout area. Learners can work in different classrooms optimally setup for making, presenting, brainstorming, and researching. The result is two fold: students have a richer learning experience and gain an understanding of how and where they learn best.