Ambur Housing

Strategies for developing low cost housing for urban poor in India

Housing for the poorest families in India

In 2015, the Indian government announced an initiative to develop affordable housing for over 20 million families that live in slums or below the poverty line. To advance this cause, Kurani partnered with the SPI Incubator of Chennai and developed strategies for building low cost housing. Our mission is to make housing affordable for India’s poorest families, who have an income of less than $4,000 USD / 3 lakhs INR a year.

Causes poverty
Sponsors SPI Incubator
Status in development
Location Ambur, India

The poorest families in India’s economic capital of Mumbai currently live in tent structures held loosely together with scraps
In rural areas of Tamil Nadu, farmers live with the bare minimum — a metal and string cot, no running water and no electricity

Our strategy looks at the entire process from design through construction. We’re employing new techniques in 3D printing, advanced materials, circular economy, robotics, and even technologies that increase efficiency of mundane everyday tasks in design and construction. The result is a roadmap of how to build cheaper, faster, and better.

The project is currently in execution phase, with a prototype low cost housing complex being built in the town of Ambur, Tamil Nadu.

This page will be updated as the project progresses.

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