Acton Academy East Bay

What is Acton Academy East Bay
This K-8 independent school near San Francisco was started by two parents frustrated with current school offerings. The couple decided to open their own dream school, where every child is a hero and the school teaches children to use their superpowers for good.

How the design works
For startup schools, an unconventional real estate approach can be the difference between launching and not. You don’t need a school building to have a school. Smart design can transform offices, houses, or retail storefronts into exceptional learning spaces. In this case, Kurani converted a 3,600sf office building into the Acton Academy. By strategically planning the school layout, we reused most of the office building’s infrastructure — walls, ceiling, lights, and plumbing. Former offices were transformed into different learning environments including a makerspace, library, discussion room, culinary kitchen, and living room.