Khan Lab School

What is the Khan Lab School?
A Silicon Valley private school founded by Sal Khan, the Khan Lab School is a testing ground for new learning designs and practices. Educators are constantly experimenting and look to share their learnings with the world, taking an open source approach to education innovation.

How does the design work?
As ‘scientists’ tinkering with education, the teachers and students needed an environment that functions like part school part laboratory. To encourage experiments, we’ve made a few key design decisions. Classrooms aren’t owned by teachers. Instead, everyone shares spaces for ideating, making, and presenting. Just like at a lab, people at the school now have a variety of areas with different tools and setups.┬áStudents are afforded the freedom to move between specialty spaces, collaboration rooms, and quiet phone booths (perfect for Skyping with a mentor or expert resource). Galleries encourage everyone to put their work in the public realm. Teachers share their ideas — like a manifesto on ‘Rethinking Math for high school’ — on digital displays, inspiring the hundreds of educators who come tour the school every year.

Status: under construction

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