Google Code Next Lab

“When all the kids walked in for the first time, their eyes lit up.”
–Experience Manager

What is the Code Next lab?
In Google’s Code Next lab, students take classes to improve core math and science skills, use cutting-edge technologies to reimagine and build the future, and take risks while proudly displaying their work en route to big breakthroughs.

How does the design work?
Kurani worked with Google’s instructors and students to design a learning environment that would shape the Code Next experience and culture – one of fearless, hands-on learning. The newly designed home for the program in Oakland allows Google to teach important skills, cultivate a new generation of tech innovators, and extend learning opportunities to the broader community. The thematically designed space celebrates Computer Science Heroes, by highlighting inventors, scientists, and technologies to captivate students and spark their desire to join this lineage and pave the future of tech.

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